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RR will not play music

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  • RR will not play music

    Or shall i say, I can't get RR to play any mp3 files. Hello, I'm new to this forum so please bare over with me. I use Winamp 3.0, I works fine by it self, but when I starts the mp3 player in RR, no sound comes out. I thin I have set everything right in the RR Config, but I do need some help. Please any one

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    Winamp 3 is by far the WORST mp3 player ever made.. I have not tested it, and don't even know if it has an interface available... I'd recommend going to and downloading winamp 2.95.. just install it, point RRConfig to it and it should work fine..
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      Thnx for your answer guino and thnx for your good work by the way. I just downloaded v. 2.95 and will give it a try tomorrow to see if it helps.


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        Today it works fine, changed Winamp from v.3.0 to v 2.95. Thanks!