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    Hey guys,

    im a new to all this stuff, im currently planning an install which will take place next week, (off work )

    One of the most confusing things that i need help with is the whole phone bits #n# pieces,

    I have a incar phone kit (proper nokia jobby) but i would like to be able to controll the dial and stuff through RR

    Is this easy to set up ? any help would be great


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    You should look through the phonecontrol forums.. it is not just any phone that can be integrated..
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      what kind of kit to you have?? i think there are phone kits available whith a serial connector. if you have such one, i think it should accept the AT commands and then it should work...


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        IMO if you have a incar phone kit you are probably better off just sticking with that, unless there is something specific you want to do that you cant do with the hardware.
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          I have a Sony Ericsson K750 in combination with a SE bluetooth carkit, but I still use phonecontrol also. The sound goes through the carkit, but phonecontrol lowers the volume and I can browse phonebook and stuff. I'm very satisfied with the combination (using only phonecontrol wasn't 100% satisfaction for me so I bought the carkit)


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            Wow thanks for all the input

            i got a nokia 6310i and it would be better to control it from the touch screen but still have the sound going through the hardwire handsfree like party B


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              if you use a 6310 you probably have an "old" car kit...
              so set up your computer to only connect a serial bluetooth connection to the phone but NO headset!!!
              then it should work. (but look to the phoco forum if your phone is supported)