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  • XM Visuals?

    Is there any way to ge the winamp visuals to work when playing XM. I'm thinking no since winamp is somehow reading the bpm internally from the audio while playing. Too bad is wasnt setup to use the mixer.

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    You 'MIGHT' be able to. There are some Winamp plugins that allow you to have Winamp monitoring line in/mic for sound and then the Vis would work with that. I'm using an XMDirect XMD1000, so I could do it with the line in on my setup. The hard part (at least IMHO) would be getting the AVS/Vis to show up and embed in the XM radio screen.

    Give it a try - may work out - good luck!


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      I'll give it a shot. This should work and I am using the BMV skin so all I would have to do is add the visual function like it has hen your in music mode. I guess it was left out of the XM skin since it wouldnt of worked and the vis really wouldnt have any action.


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        It will work if you setup the skin propperly. But you MUST use the line in plugin or winamp has nowhere to obtain the audio information. The same goes for winamp's EQ and effect plugins.
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