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Windows Audio Is Muted When I Start The PC

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  • Windows Audio Is Muted When I Start The PC

    Im using a M1-ATX PSU and have it set up so that when I turn the ignition on the pc starts and when I turn the ignition off so does the pc.
    When RR is running and I turn off the ignition the pc shuts down but when I start it back up again the audio is all muted so I have to go into control panel and unmute it all.
    If I exit RR and then turn off the ignition, when I turn the ignition back on the audio is fine, therefore there seems to be something wrong with RR and the audio settings.
    I did recently change the audio settings so that when i adjusted the volume in RR it now adjusts the winamp volume rather than the master volume but even before I changed this I still had the same problem.
    I did a search and it might have been about 6 month ago someone had this same problem but a written solution wasn't written in the post and now I can't seem to find the thread.
    Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?

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    if the problem is consistent, you can simply add a start command to unmute the line. There are various ways of doing it: Mixer presets, VOL+, VOL-, MUTE or SETVOL.

    What exactly are you doing ? Shut Down or Hibernate/Standby ?
    Also, Is your controller pushing the power button or what ?
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      The problem is consistent but only seems to happen when I shut down from RR itself.
      The power switch on the motherboard is hooked into the power supply so when the ignition starts the pc turns on and vice versa.

      I have attached some ini files from the RR folder just incase I have comething setup incorrectly in my configuration.
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        I have just updated to the latest version of RR and mine starts muted the majority of the time, if not starts with the RR mute icon flashing.....arggghhhhh
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