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  • RR and Winamp VIS...

    I'm messing around with the winamp vis... I used the overlay feature where it projects onto a certain color and I set the background of my mp3 player screen as a solid color and when I turn the vis on the whole bg turns into the vis, which is kinda hot. The only problem is, I'm running a PIII 600 MHz and if I multitask with the vis on its slow as hell. Is there any way for RR to know if hte vis is currently running and turn it off when I leave the MP3 Player screen? |

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    *bump* anyone? |


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      You can use CLOSEWINDOW on the EXIT button of the audio player to close the VIS when exiting.. but this will only work if you set the VIS and it's window name as "OTHER" in RRConfig -- and this will cause a few weird side-effects as in the border will be present and the embbeding may act up a bit... but should still work.

      The Vis Stuff "theUni" has worked on allow you to start the Vis when idle and auto shut it off when doing anything... maybe that'd suit you better --- I still have no clue of how exactly to set this up... TheUni should have more details about it.. (just haven't had a chance to look at his code yet)..
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        hmmmm. I shall look into this. thanks. |