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Keyboard table for every submenu

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  • Keyboard table for every submenu

    Is it possible to have a keyboard table for every submenu like Menu, Audio_player, Audio_browser, Video_player etc. etc. (Basically one table file for every *.skin thats available within your skin)

    The benefit is then that you could operate your hole RR via a nummeric keyboard or like I have a keypad mounted on the front of my 2-DIN unit carpc. I don't have a touch screen cause im using a build-in DASH 4" TFT.
    In otherwords the keypad becomes dynamic assigned depending of which menu you are inside. (The format could be like the keytbl.ini file just with the submenu in the file name fx. Audio_player.key, Video_player.key etc. or just extend the keytbl.ini with headers for each submenu and the posibility to reassign keys mentioned under another header.)

    In Case that's not possible could it be an extra feature in the future version to the skinning possibility? (Question to Guino )

    keypad thats build in my 2-DIN Carpc unit.


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    just associate your keys to "virtual" commands... like:



    then use ExecTBL to assign what CMD1, CMD2 etc are for EACH screen or define them globally as needed.
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      Thanks it worked great...

      Hi Guino.

      First of all thanks for an amazing front-end. Im blown away about how flexible you have made Road Runner...