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small thumbnail view issue

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  • small thumbnail view issue

    I have my browsing set up pretty well now where I view my artists in a list view, albums in thumbnail view, and songs in list view. I can navigate very nicely, select songs / albums from any menu.

    One small thing I have noticed with the thumbnail views is that if the text below the thumbnail scrolls, it does not display the thumbnail, just a folder icon.

    I have noticed that every once in a while the thumbnail will display with the name scrolling, but not very often, and in no consistent way that I have figured out so far.

    One request I had regarding the thumbnail views, is there any way to remove the ... folder from the view? It takes up valuable album art space. Especially on these small touchscreen displays.

    Thanks for all the great features. It is really nice to be able to completely customize the way I like.

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    Add this in RR.ini



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      Thanks for the hidedots commnad.

      Any info on the thumbnails not displaying properly when the name is longer than the text box?


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        I have had some reports of RR failing to show the thumbnail for a few folders.. I need to try it in the car where I have all of it setup ... then I'll be able to see what could be the problem... it works fine on my laptop.. so kind of hard to find the problem..
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          Thanks. I am seeing the problem on my laptop. It only does it when the text must scroll below the thumbnail. Otherwise the thumbnail is perfect.