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Keeping Milkdrop VISU focused

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  • Keeping Milkdrop VISU focused

    Hi - I'm using a program called IBUSCOMM that interprets IBus commands sent from the steering wheel buttons on a BMW E46 and converts them to keyboard commands.
    This works fine on rr but when I'm in Milkdrop fullscreen visualisation, rr sometimes grabs focus and I end up with everything minimised or back on rr. Its not 100% though, and I seem to have better results when Milkdrop resizes the screen to 1024 x 768. It all seems pretty odd.
    Is there a function or command I can use to specifically send keyboard commands to Winamp guaranteeing that rr doesn't grab them instead?
    I've tried to use ACTIVATE before SENDKEYS (just for 'z' and 'b') but it doesn't seem to work (probably my fault of course).
    Or is there a way to ensure that Milkdrop stays focused after invoking VISU, followed by keyboard commands (not sent from the keyboard) ?

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    i belive that u could add the activate to the visu command but no matter what it didnt fire in time in the past.
    but now guino added timers so when i get a chance im gonna try that but heres a start for you minus the right code for the timer

    "VISU||????TIMER????||ACTIVATE;Milkdrop||{F2}{F3}{ F4}{F3}"

    Check this thread
    -There is now a way to execute a command after idleling for so many seconds and/or after so many seconds of loading a screen. Just check the IDL and TMR skin definitions and the events "TIMER" and "IDLE" will be fired when appropriate. You can define global or screen-based commands to be executed by such events on ExecTBL.INI (the global one or the one from the skin's folder)
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      Check out my car thread I played with the visu for awhile and it works good. If I double click it loads fullscreen and then click again and back to RR.
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