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    Im trying to get into the skinning side and just have a quick question.

    Where do you guys get your button icons? I noticed alot of people use the the same ones yet I can't seem to find a PSD with them anywhere..

    Are there alternate places you guys use or do you actually design them by hand?

    Thanks fellas.

    P.S To clarify I mean the Next, Back, Mixer, Shuffle etc etc buttons

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    Some people round here are scavengers. I wouldn't put it past any one of them to have downloaded any .PSD they come across here and 're-purposing' varioius bits from them for their own designs. Perhaps this method might be agreeable to you as well.


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      the icons are all part of a font called webding you prob already have them. By all means pinch anything u want from my skins, your quite welcome..

      Grepzen says ... Some people round here are scavengers

      that would include me then... ! Thanks
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        Thanks for the replys. I do infact have the webdings font. What I dont know is how you actually insert the symbols/icons. That particular font doesnt seem to have anything for alpha-numeric so how does one insert them in photoshop?

        And thanks CdRsKuLL. Don't supose you have a link to your PSD's for me do you?

        Thanks guys, with any luck once I get started I can start contributing.


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          nevermind. I worked out you use the charcter map tool.



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            umm, use the text tool, choose webdings font, and use the character map to copy/paste (or if you know the corresponding key just press it). For words and stuff (alpha-numeric) use another font of your choosing...

            EDIT: I guess you figured it out before I could post, good luck