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help garmin mapsource and nroute

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  • help garmin mapsource and nroute

    ok, i have the garmin gps 18 and both maps of south africa, using nroute and mapsource. can i intergrate it into freedrive or another compatible gps program for RR or do i have to embed the original programs.

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    I too have a Garmin GPS-18 (with SA maps) and havent found an answer to the problem. Im currently still using nRoute but it fits quite well into the screen of Centrfuse once you have been able to maximise it. If you launch nRoute from within Centrafuse it loads into a small window. There is no maximise button but if you click in the right place it does make it the right size and can read the map and still use all the other controls of Centrafuse.

    Only problem I find it telling it where to go, I dont seem to be able to invoke the onscreen keyboard while in find mode....


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      If the GPS is NMEA compatible then you should be able to use it with ANY GPS app, as long as you have the maps for that application...
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        at the moment i just use the minimize button on RR and i have it running in the back ground. no worries i will keep looking for a way. thanks to all reply's.


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          if any one finds any maps of south africa in another gps software please let me know.