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Simultaneous MP3 playback and Rear Camera view?

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  • Simultaneous MP3 playback and Rear Camera view?

    I just noticed that when I go to the TV screen to display the backup camera that my MP3 stops playing. It is not that I can't hear the MP3 due to not selecting the right audio source, but the player stops playing, starting up again when I go to the main menu.

    Is there a way to get them to continue simultaneously? Sometimes when pulling a trailer I like to keep the backup cam on all the time, and would hate to not be able to listen to MP3s.


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    i think the reason for this is because the TV plugin is for winamp, thus you cant have play 2 sources at teh same time. Like in winamp you cant play video and mp3s at the same time unless you have 2 players open. A way to get around this is to not use the winamp tv plugin. There are a few camea apps on this forum, you can use any of them and get the same result, plus music at the same time.
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      Thanks. I will give it a try. By the way, I am using your skin, and it rocks. But you already know that ! I have customized it slightly, changing little things like making the games choice on the menu into the rear cam menu. Also added track information to the Nav screen. I like to keep the nav open when driving, and when listening to audiobooks, I just like to see where I am in the book.


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        jzkbbi: Did you fix this problem? Im in the same spot right now.


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          You can use a small application like *AMCAP* etc, and just embed it on a screen by itself.. it will simply run the camera application as any other without interrupting anything. Those are free applications that are no more than a few KB in size..
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            You can try Capture!, an app written by Prefect in this forum.

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              Thanks, I will try both and see what I like most.