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Generalized Perception of RR from a new user

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  • Generalized Perception of RR from a new user

    Short and sweet version (<EDIT>sorry, this turned out to be the long and sour version</EDIT>):

    RR is like no other open source app I've used. I say this because with other open source apps, whether they be for Windows or for your favorite flavor of *nix, this is the first one that actually makes me want to get in there and edit the code and see what all it has to offer.

    I've read through a lot of posts in the various subfolders of the RR forum here on mp3car and I'm starting to see that there are several primary contributors (besides Guino) to the RR project; in addition a lot of the skin makers are making huge modifications to the application (on the skin side).

    My eagerness to learn, code, and produce graphics for RR is pretty high, however I'm lost as to what all RR can do from the advanced users' perspective (advanced, because I want to "hack" RR as I've seen a lot of other skinners and developers do here on the forum). The mentality of, "you don't like something? change it!" is so prevalent here and I want to take advantage of those opportunities.

    I have searched the FAQ's and even searched through 2 of the "skinning how-tos"; but have failed in my search to find out about all of the "execution parameters", as well as all of the other options and additions that can be made just by changing skins or RRConfig settings. Eventually I'd like to actually dig into RR's actual source code, but I want to take it in baby steps.

    I have extensive photoshop knowledge, and above average knowledge in web application development using (specifically c#) and php (depends on what the client needs) interfacing with various sql databases. Will this be enough to get me going with eventually modifying RR's source code? I know for skinning i just need the skin editor which I have and have tinkered with a bit for basic font size/color changing on the skin I am using right now.

    So yeah, to sum up that "short and sweet" bit, are there any informational resources for:
    a.) adding advanced functionality to skins using various parameters/options/etc in the skin as well as in RRConfig.
    b.) get at the source code and start modifying it for learning and for adding/modifying functionality.

    Thanks to all that use/work on/contribute troubleshooting&help knowledge for RR. Any help is hugely appreciated.
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    Well firstly, welcome... it's the kind of attitude we like around here.

    The app is written in VB 6, so between the languages you know already obviously using VB is no problem.

    It takes a little while to find your way round the source code but once you figure out what is going on and where, adding code is easy.
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      welcome to the fort.

      If you havent allready take a look at these threads for some basic skin stuff

      also i would highly recommend to download "every" RR skin that is available and tear them apart to see how they work.

      also you will need your bible, SkinCommands.txt found in the root dir of RR install. The file is a little confuseing at first, but it just needs more formatting to break the sections apart more. I may actually do this at some point.

      have fun
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