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Random Reboots - Anyone else?

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  • Random Reboots - Anyone else?

    I get random reboots once in a while. I get no warning, no BSOD or anything; it just looks like someone hits the reboot button. It's rather annoying and it has happened about maybe less than 10 times since September (when I installed my CarPC).

    Considering it is now cold here in New England and I have been randomly seeing this since September I've rules out overheating and I also have a case fan and processor fan.

    Don't know if it's a coincidence but it has only happened when I am listening to XM Radio. I can get an error to display on the screen and the event log doesn't indicate any problems.

    Anyone have idea on how I can maybe trap this thing. The only way to figure it out is if I can trap some sort of error I think.

    I've tried recreating by stomping on wires, wiggling things around; you know the obvious and I can't get it to recreate at will.


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    I used to get the very same thing on my desktop machine.
    Turns out it was a bad usb tv tuner box. When I disconected it no more problems
    Process of elimination lead me to that conclusion.
    Hope this helps.


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      Software issues typically lead to an error message or OS message/halt etc.. HARDWARE issues typically lead to reboots, complete freeze ups (even the mouse) and such... of course a bad DRIVER also may lead to such results, but I'd still classify that a hardware issue.. I had a crappy USB->Serial driver that used to restart my machine every so often, replaced it and never again it happened. So, my best guess is you have hardware issues.
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        Thanks for the reply's. I kind of wish it would happen more often so I can actually start the process of elimination thing. Since it only appears to happen while listening to XM radio I wonder if that hardware might be causing an issue although I do use a USB -> Serial driver for my GPS receiver; I could try reinstalling that.

        I haven't checked it out yet but I assume that the EPIA 12K board doesn't have a SEL (System Event Log) right? If it's a hardware issue it may get logged in there.

        Any utilities that anyone knows of that can run in the back ground logging all events so maybe I can trap this thing and get an actual fail code or some indication of why this is happening?



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          I agree with guino your problem is more then likely hardware.

          With the system turned on start moving the power cable around and see if it resets. Keep trying this at every junction right up until the battery. The vibrations of a car could cause something to disconnect for a sec.
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            To troubleshoot the issue, you should change your XP settings to not automatically restart when there is a system failure.

            1) right click on my computer, click on properties
            2) click on the "advanced" tab
            3) click on "settings" in the "startup and recovery" section
            4) uncheck "automatically restart" in the "system failure" section

            Then the next time there is a system failure, you will see the "BSOD" and it will likely point you to the driver if it's hardware/driver issue.

            This is what I did on my friend's machine that kept rebooting. The next BSOD pointed to the sony memory stick reader, removed the reader and it stopped rebooting.

            Hope this helps!


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              this one sounds like an overloaded power supply..... your probably on the edge power wise & this is what happens.... the xm module may be using the extra that causes crash..... try removing the screen from the power supply if it's on it..... same can go for a drive etc....... what is your setup anyway?
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                Since April, my system has had about 3 random reboots. Each time i usually get a quick screendump......and it always occurs when im changing songs. I think its winamp thats crashing mine.
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                  winamp might cause a lockup, but a reboot? I don't even know if that's possible.....?
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                    Wow, thanks for all the reply's I have some some stuff to try out. I should put my setup in my sig.

                    Xenarc 7"
                    Epia 12k
                    USB GPS
                    2.5" HDD
                    Opus 120
                    Creative MP3 USB sound card

                    I don't nearly have as much stuff as some folks do and with the 120 I don't think it's power overload. I do not have a CD or DVD drive.

                    Thanks again for all the tips.



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                      is the xenarc on the power supply to? even so that's looks to be o.k.... if it was mine I think I'd still try taking the screen off the supply just to eliminate the possabiliy, which is still there really...
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                      first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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                        Ya my Xenarc in connected to my Opus. I want to keep it there due to it being regulated.

                        It's tough to get at my system now that everything is installed otherwise I could try connecting it to a 12 regulated adapter in the my 12V outlet. I should have plenty of power with what I have. People are running hubs and a lot more stuff using the 90W version so I should have plenty of headroom.

                        I'll try the wiggling of more power cables and such. This thing baffles me....I must have a ghost in my truck hitting the reset button