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Sending IR Singals with RR & USB-UIRT?

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  • Sending IR Singals with RR & USB-UIRT?

    Okay, I want to control my head unit using IR Signals. I already have GIRDER up and running with a USB-UIRT and a IR stearing wheel remote. But I need to find a way to send a trigger to Girder from RR. (I can already control my head unit with Girder and the USB-URIT)

    So in the end, I want to push a button on the screen which would have RR send Girder an event, then Girder would produce the IR code via the USB-UIRT.

    Any Ideas guys?

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    use Girder's event.exe. Make the RR button do something like this.

    "RUN||C:\Program Files\girder\event.exe your_event_string -silent"

    The -silent is there so that you don't get a Command Prompt window.

    Just verify the syntax.
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      Let me know if this works... want to do the same with my DTT TV Receiver..

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        Girder newbie here... I want to control my HU via girder/RR so that I can use steering wheel to control HU volume rather than Winamp/Windows volume. Can someone please verify my plan?

        Previous setup: BMW steering wheel press "volume up" button sends IBus command "VOL+" to RR, which increases the volume coming out of winamp. This currently works great.

        Desired setup: Steering wheel press "volume up" button sends IBus command "VOL+" to RR, RR in turn translates this into executing girder event.exe (as specified above) for sending IR command to my HU to increase volume. I would put this "VOL+" translation in the ExecTBL.ini file at the c:/Program Files/Road Runner level, and it would go something like this: "RUN||C:\Program Files\girder32\event.exe VolumeUp -silent", which if I set up Girder correctly, should use my USB-UIRT to transmit the IR code for increasing the volume to the HU, and WOULD NOT increase the WinAmp/Windows volume.

        Is this right?
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          Well, after trying what I proposed above, I'm not getting anywhere. I've put the following entry into my ExecTBL.ini:

          "VOL+","RUN||C:\Program Files\girder32\event.exe VolumeUp -silent"

          When I press the volume up button in my skin (which is mapped to "VOL+"), I get nothing. Here's my GML that I'm working with:


          I'd appreciate any suggestions on what I'm going wrong.
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            NM, figured it out - the entry goes in the top-level ExecTBL.ini, and it should be:

            "VOL+","RUN;event.exe|VolumeUp -silent"
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