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road runner and microphone problem

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  • road runner and microphone problem

    ok.. i just started using roadrunner for about three or four days now but i seem to be having an issue that is driving me off the wall i just cant figure it out for the life of me.

    i have a microphone in the car.. but i keep hearing it thorugh my speakers. the moment i turn the volume up i get a loud squeeel through the speakers.
    so i go to the sounds settings and mute the microphone that works temporarily until i change the volume in roadrunner. when i do that the microphone unmutes, and i hear the squeel again.

    is the something i am doing wrong and how can i fix it?

    thanks ahead of time.
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    unplug the mic?

    Sounds like it is to do with the sound mapping, have a search through the RR threads (use volume and maybe mixer as search words) and read up on some of the problems others have had and how it was solved, also make sure you read all the readme's and txt's that come with RR and also have a look at the RR FAQ's.

    good luck.


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      Make sure your RRConfig settings don't have "map master volume to ALL LINES". cause this would make the volume of the mic line change (thus unmuting it)... You should play around with that setting, and see what works for you.
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        all right.. thanks...changing the mapping sound to master volume worked instead of all lines.
        I wish i knew how to do fiberglass work...