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    I havent been on in a while, but I was finally getting annoyed with not being able to put save a playlist in a seperate folder than the music path. If i direct the playlist path to the music path, then it saves in the same folder, and the saved playlists show up at the bottom of the music list.

    I wanted to save the playlists in a seperate folder, and then be able to call up a seperate screen that would have only a directory list of the saved playlists. This way i could have a more organized way of saving and loading playlists.

    I tried to use the directory list in the skin editor but it doesnt seem to be set up the correct way in which i can define the path. I tried manually to set it up based on the skincommands.doc but that did not work either.

    Utlimately i want to push a button, call up a screen that lists my saved playlists and be able to scroll through them.

    If this is answered or discussed, or rather simple and i have missed it i apologize. I have been up for nearly 2 days now for very random and odd reasons. Thanks fellas.
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    You CAN do that with the latest versions of RR. Read up on the SD definition for the skin files. It allows you to make a custom file Browser with a defined style and defined location to start with.
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      doing it now

      thanks broham
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