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No sound with radiator (PCMCIA Medion TV-tuner 7134 card)

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  • No sound with radiator (PCMCIA Medion TV-tuner 7134 card)

    First of all i would like to congratulate Guino with this nice front end. The only worry that i still have is radiator. I searched the forum and tried serveral suggestions but i don't seem to get sound out off radiator. With the program supplied with my laptop the tuner works great but other software doesn't seem to be able to produce any sound. In radiator the tuner works perfect and i can scan several stations but no sound. I guess this is probably a driver problem but i already tried several drivers and always the same problem no sound.
    I am currently using a driver Medion TV-tuner 7134 MK2/3 version
    In attachement my radiator settings.
    I hope someone could point me in the right direction so that i can finaly use radiator in roadrunner.
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    Have you tried a DIFFERENT line in device ? most likely "WAVE" is NOT the right one. In any case, I think there may be a sub-forum where more people know more about it (other than RR's) -- just a suggestion since there are other front ends and non-RR users that have experience with Radiator.
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