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Play/pause button switching icons in skin

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  • Play/pause button switching icons in skin

    How can I make a button that has a "pause" icon when playing music, and when I press the button to pause the music, it will switch to a "play" icon?

    In other words, I want the icon to indicate what it will do if I press it.
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    this is a complex thing to do.. you can use the STATUS indicator to show such icon OUTSIDE the play button (easier). If you want to change the play button icon, then you'd need to replace 3 layers of image when pressing the button (ON/OFF/DOWN) ... you could do this by using the LOADIMG command when pressing the button and having the button load the propper images according to the playing state (using ExecTBL.INI), so you'd basically create a new command "PLAYICON":

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