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Customizable On-Screen Display (OSD)?

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  • Customizable On-Screen Display (OSD)?

    Is there a way to have an on-screen display of sorts for RR skinning? For instance, if you turn the volume up or down with your griffin powermate (for example), I'd like to have a transparent volume progressbar/indicator pop up for about 2 seconds then disappear. Is this something that is available when skinning in RR?

    I realize there is an OSD type function for the movie/dvd playing sections of RR, but can a seperate OSD function be created/added (whether by guino/skippy/etc or by a skinner - i'll work on it for the skin i'm working on)?

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    if you use girder there is an option to do just great, i use it so that i now when vol is at max.
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      Its something I'd like to have as well, I wonder if its possible with a transparent panel or something.


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        I have been using Float's media control for a couple of years. It displays the volume of any audio line for 3 seconds when its changed. Heres a Link


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          I'm writing a quick app to do this in a green font (can be customised) with transparency if any use to anyone, it will check the current volume and if it changes show on the display the new value. Any use?


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            Gobby, i'd be interested, could it also output a progress bar of sorts, along with the percentage in numbers?

            i was goign to attemp tto write one in c# or vb, but decided to make my skin instead
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              I'll do a text based one first then alter it later for a progress bar type system


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                This is very rough and ready, any use??

                Basically run the exe then run RR, it will grab the values directly from RR, it is a little slow to update the values but I will sort that at a later date.

                Only works for volume at the moment. Be aware if running on a normal pc, i.e not carpc OSD may appear out of RR.
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                  there are OSD plugins available for winamp as I recall to display the song title info and volume.. normally, your skin should provide you with big enough labels to give you a decent feedback on current statuses... OSD information is mostly useful when you're dealing with another application on foreground and whatever is controlling music is on the background (where you can't see it).. that's not the case in RR.
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                    guino, originally my idea was to not have volume info showing on every part of my skin i'm making, but i decided to show it anyway since everyone is so accustomed to it. i also mostly wanted it for quick big lettering when i'm turning up and down the volume; popup an indicator/progressbar of the volume change with the percentage, nice and big for quick viewing. i'm going to skip that idea for now and just show the percentage pretty large on each skin section
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