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TV app without winamp plugin

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  • TV app without winamp plugin

    For guino:

    Take a look at this:

    free and maybe open!

    I'm sorry, my english is a **** :-) but you can try to contact the author
    for the source code for a very simple tv app...


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    what's wrong with the winamp plugin?
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      I have problem with my hauppage wintv-pvr-usb... in the wintv32 application (from hauppage) it's working... with the plugin in rr...nothing. I don't know if it's my error or not...nothing on the tv skin...i have configured the plugin in winamp! the radio is ok... tv skin is empty

      The winamp plugin is working in winamp 2.95?


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        I also have the wintv usb and it works fine. I use winamp 2.95 but that shouldn't matter. It also works on my PC at home, which uses winamp 5.1.
        iGMon - Integration between iGuidance and Road Runner
        CFX - Skin for Road Runner


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          I want try more tomorrow! Now it's too cold for working outdoor :-)

          for in the news:

          Added functions:
          Internal audio stream cards support (Hauppauge WinTV USB, ADS Tech Instant TV PCI, Pinnacle PCTV Stereo...)
          Support of the new Hauppauge 34 keys remote control
          Support of 16/9 screens and non 4/3 LCD screens
          Complete support of the next version of nxtvepg
          Arguments passed to command line now works even if K!TV is active (example: channel change, full screen...). This allows an easy interaction with other software such as myHTPC, Xlobby, EPG Mickey013...

          its possible to send commands from a skin PHOCO?


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            OK!! now all is working with the winamp plugin (just a reboot and all is ok :-/ )
            I want to test K!TV with rr...but i don't know how to send commands from a skin... anyone has an idea? (if it's possible).
            Just for alternative, tv on winamp use too CPU power for me (AMD athlon underclocked to 300-800MHz) it's functioning but only at 800Mhz and for the battery is not the best!

            Thanks in advance!!