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  • XM favorites direct access

    I'm looking for a way to make a button to go directly to one of many XM favorite station lists. I have about 5 favorite lists, and instead of cycling through them using the "XMFAV" command, I'd like to make a button to go directly to a specific one.

    I've seen the very innovative ways that people like Chuck have done this, which is hard-coding the series of fields to specific channels, but I'd like to keep the scroll aspect of a playlist if possible.

    The only thought I had about this was to combine commands such that a button press brought up the XM screen, and then sends the "XMFAV" command the correct number of times (1 to 5 in my case) for the fav list to appear, but this assumes that the XMFAV press starts at the same place every time, which I don't know is true.
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    Hark, this should be pretty easy to do, I'll add it to my To-Do-List. I'm awaiting Guinno's next release before doing any further development. (I don't want to spend so much time merging code....)
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      this would be grate and make my weather menu work much better

      Originally posted by Chuck
      My weather button


      The first command “XMFAV” will switch the xm play list – for this to work properly set your xm up with only one play list so xm will toggle between all channels and your favorites.
      The next command “MENU;XM” starts xm weather menu with all the weather channels – from here you can go to sports and news channels.
      The next command is just the talk Xm – should change to xm weather if you use voice enabled in RR config.
      The next command “XMCHAN;213” changes xm to your local weather channel

      The rundown
      When you push the weather button xm switches to all channels then starts weather menu and tunes to your weather channel.
      When you hit the exit from xm weather menu it will switches back to your favorites list and to your previous channel and back to xm skin.

      On my next skin update I will put localweather in the ExecTBL.ini so it will be better to change your local weather.
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