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dvd auto play on disc insertion...

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  • dvd auto play on disc insertion...

    hey i just sorta figured out how to get dvds to auto play by playing around with the registry....but the thing is it needs a exe or sumthing that launches the dvd mode through rr...which idk how...does any one have any ideas?

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    ok well i took the sdk example and i got it to switch to the dvd menu and its working with the registry but ****, i need to type in dvd....any one got any ideas now?


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      I have not done any work on automating detection of CD/DVD yet. So unless you write your own monitor/switcher app, there's not much you can do right now.
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        well, i think we dont really need to get rr to detect cds or dvds, but then again im no programmer...but i found out u can add event the auto play menu meaning, windows detect dvds, and using the auto play feature, we can use a exe to send a dvd command to rr, making it easy, so thats what i found so far. but ok im guessing ur right..


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          girder is the way. Use the plugin that detects drive use and have it send the load to rr. Sorry i dont remember the name of the plugin. I'm also not sure if it can tell the difference between cds/dvds
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