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    I am sure that I missed something...
    How is possible to watch pictures in RR? I have multicard reader on my computer and I put a card from my digital camera into it. How can I watch pictures in RR (for now I prefer bmv skin)? I'd like to add button instead of Sat radio button. I believe that I'll be able to do this with skin editor. Is there any other way?

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    You need a picture viewing program. RR does not have Native support at this time. Two options you have would be 11View and My preference, Zorro's Both are freeware, well in zorro's case beggerware I think, because he accepts donations I believe. Eitherway, you can skin those programs into RR and use the embeding FAQ. Zorro's is much much simpler and cleaner. You would have to search the net for 11view. Zorro's is available on his website under other downloads. Zorro is a member here responsible for the creation of PHOCO, the cellular control software many of us are using for CarPCs, and he usuallly dwells in the Software>SupportSoftware>Phonecontrol forums.
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    Originally posted by ryuandwings
    Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
    I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
    Please help.


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      Sorry guys, myself and CdR started an app to embed in RR but due to FD 1.0 this has gone on a backburner for a while.


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        I bet lostreception could whip one out with flash
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