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  • Search quirk?

    Well, I have most of the problems worked out. I stumbled on to a quirk with playlist searching. Let’s say I load a whole bunch of songs on to the playlist and two of the songs have "walk" in the title. I do a search for "walk" and it will find the first song, which is up at the top of list. I then search for “walk” again, it’s much further down the list, and it just goes to the next song. I search for "walk" again and it still goes to the next song down.

    If I scroll down the list until the second "walk" song is displayed then scroll back to the top and repeat the search it finds the first song with the word walk in the title. I search again and bam it finds the second song with the word walk in the title.

    If I close RR without emptying the playlist, after scrolling through the playlist, and re-launch RR the search will find both songs with no problem. If I empty the playlist and then reload it search will again have trouble finding the second song. I have noticed that it can only search so far down the playlist without needing the song to be displyed to find it, but I'm not sure how far down it will search.

    It will search songs down to 6 pages down taps, for songs further down the list I have to scroll down until the song can be seen in the playlist display window, even scrolling closer down won't help find it unless it’s displayed. Seems like a cache issue of some sort?

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    Very odd....I just tried this on my desktop PC and I could search through my entire music library with no problems. The car PC has a new install of RR. I wonder what the problem could be?

    Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling on the CarPC and it still won't search throught the entire playlist Tried 10-7-05 and the latest version.......Also using a fresh install on the desktop and it has no problem searching the playlist.


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        I read over the FAQ on searching, but it's odd that it doesn't do this on the desktop PC and only on the CarPC. Both are fresh installs of RR and windows. I thought maybe it was a winamp problem, but that doesn't seem to be it either.


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          OK so I'm retarted and it's working fine. Pay no attention to me

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