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Eject command -> update playlist

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  • Eject command -> update playlist

    When I eject a CD that is currently loaded on my Winamp playlist the tracks are not removed from the list. If I then standby and resume, then try to do any action involving the (erroneous) playlist, such as play, edit the list, etc. RR locks up.
    Is it possible to have the CD tracks removed from the playlist when I eject the CD? I could do "EJECT;CLEARLIST" everytime I eject but then my playlist will be cleared even if the CD tracks are not currently loaded.

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    currently you should load other files before removing a CD.. this will not be necessary when the CD player is built (an improvement for the CDRip plugi).. just don't know when that'll be done.
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      CD player and WMP based DVD player (with auto-resuming)? Great. Can't wait for the new version.

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        Just thought I'd push this up a bit as I cant wait for the CD player and built in DVD with auto resume
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