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  • WMA file tags

    Are there any plans to have RR read WMA file tags in a fashion similar to MP3 ID3 tag reading? Or perhaps there is already a way to read these tags in RR and I did not find it in the search I did a moment ago.
    I suppose I could always add ID3 tags to my WMA files with third party software. Anybody have a simpler way to do this?

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    There are no current plans to add support for other tags in RR. If you want to use tags in different formats you're limited to do so by using the winamp library support -- Have winamp load/index your files in the winamp library, then load the songs using the -- Artist/Genre/Album -- entries in the audio browser.. when RR loads those entries into the playlist, they'll have the Tag info that winamp read from them. Other than that, you can make playlists with extended tag info, and RR will load those straight into the playlist without reading the files.
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      Awesome -- thanks for the quick reply, will try it out.