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What is the start command for Satellite Radio in RR config?

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  • What is the start command for Satellite Radio in RR config?

    What is start command in RR config that allows the satellite radio to start when RR starts? I know "GPS" starts GPS and "RADIO" starts FM radio, etc.

    I tried using "XM" but that caused RR to stop responding for some reason. I also tried "SAT RADIO" but that seemed to do nothing.

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    To load XM, the startcommand should just be "XM" as you said. If that's giving you trouble for whatever reason, try "LOAD;XM.SKIN"
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      Going to try it now....


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        That command too caused RR to stop responding on launch. RR freezes at the splash screen. Seems to be something with the letters "XM" in it.


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          dumb idea, but make sure you have the XM skin in you rr skin directiry....


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            I checked that earlier, and the skin is in the directory. I am using the BMV2 skin and XM skin works fine there. I just want RR to launch SAT RADIO when I turn the PC on and RR comes up.


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              There's a reported issue when trying to launch XM immediately after starting RR. Probably because of the delayed process of starting up the XM receiver. I have not had a chance to sort that out yet simply because I don't have an XM tuner setup anywhere to test it. To prevent issues, you should start RR, then manually start XM.. then if you hibernate/resume, RR should restart the XM device on the last used station.
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                Got it, thanks for the answer. I am certain you'll fix this in future releases. Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate it.