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Sound settings all go to MUTE when I start RR

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  • Sound settings all go to MUTE when I start RR

    What causes all of the onboard sound settings to go into MUTE when I start RR? Master, Line, CD, Mic, Synth, 3D, etc all go to MUTE after launching RR. I have to open the Windows sound settings to uncheck the MUTE.

    EPIA M motherboard with AC97 Vinyl audio driver. I am having the dammed'est time with audio problems

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    I've added a "fix" for a common sound card driver issue.. It will be on the next release. It may or may not fix this issue for you, but most likely you should make sure you have the latest version available of your sound card drivers. There's nothing in RR to autoload or change sound mixer settings when starting up.
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