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  • Idea : Pocket PC Remote

    Just an idea but possible.. a bluetooth serial connection to a pocket pc to control Road Runner.. as a remote. etc. change track volume control etc

    btw i can't be arsed to search if this has been discussed.

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    I saw a video of someone who did just that. For all I know, you could install VNC, run it over the BT network and be done with it (clicking images or sending keypresses). Of course, there are way too many other options (girder etc).
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      well what i meant was that it was like a tv remote interface rather than a mirror image..


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        it can be done, and there are some apps out already to control your pc from your pda. I even started a thread a while ago on just this topic (search input forum). I wouldnt use blutooth though, wifi is a better solution and youll find far more options using tcp ip than BT.

        I used to use this app called vynle (spelling), that was a remote for winamp (and thus RoadRunner audio), even showed the album art. I would hand the pda to backseat passengers to change songs. Too bad the company went belly up, the soft was free though.
        Ive seen apps that turn the whole pda screen into a touch pad.
        There is also netremote, that i never got too into the do anything with. But you can build your own UI skin and have the buttons do whatever u want. This may be the closest thing to what you are asking for.
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          I would look into Netremote, haven't used it personally but it says it can be used with Girder and can make use of Pront remote's CCF remote files..... which if aren't familiar with Pronto is that pda-sized touchscreen remote for home theater use (a very customizable, super-universal remote). But if it can use CCFs then you can design your own control pages and then just learn in the IR codes to use with Girder. I used to program those remotes for a home theater company and with pronto software it's pretty easy to do and the sky's the limit. You can make your own graphics and use them as buttons or whatever. I haven't played with Girder either but if you used it with that then I don't see it being too much to make a few of your own control screens with basic controls for Road Runner (play/stop/pause/ff/rr, switch source, volume, etc...)

          I do use Salling Clicker which is another control app and it can use plugins that let you control other programs. So I can use the pocketpc as a mouse pad for my computer, and can use it to control windows media player and winamp.
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