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Video issue, erroring out for no reason

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  • Video issue, erroring out for no reason

    is anyone else haveing this problem? I just installed the last known working version of winamp. Not the latest, the last known working. Music plays fine. But when I click video it errors out on me asking me if i want to send a report blah blah. I know my video settings are working properly. I have the latest ACE codec pack. I cant figure out what else it could be.

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    Winamp is NOT used for video in RR.

    What you're seeing is normally a codec issue. I know for a fact that many codec packs have a screwy version of FFDSHOW, and they may cause RR to crash. You can either use MPC (uncheck the built-in player option in RRConfig), of uninstall/install codecs until you find out which one is giving you trouble. I believe the latest FFDSHOW codecs work fine, but I know some of the previous versions didn't. While I don't even know if that's your issue, I can guarantee you that if you're using the built-in player, the problem is certain to be a codec issue.
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