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General question about the RR program logic

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  • General question about the RR program logic

    I installed the RR skin editor and started playing with it today. I have a question about how the skins relate to the underlying program.

    Using the (part of BMV2) as an example, there is a label called L07 and the code field contains "MM;ETA" This is where the ETA would be displayed in the skin.

    Is there logic written into RR that knows what to do with the "MM;ETA" field specifically? In other words, does RR just take whatever fields are defined in the skin and pass data back and forth to the application or does each field identified in the skin require underlying logic to be written into RR to support that skin object?

    Let's say a new version of Destinator came out and had an object for displaying a compass heading. Could that field be dropped into a RR skin and function or would the RR application have to be modified to support the new compass object?

    I'm trying to get a feel for what a guy can do in skins that doesn't require RR to be modified or enhanced.
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    there are hard-coded label codes and there are dynamic label codes.. an example of a hardcoded is "DATE" -- directly from RR, independent of anything and was added directly to a list of supported label codes. Dynamic label codes are normally flexible to accept anything you throw at them.. so if MM later releases support for new information, you could start using it right away without any changes in RR .. (like "MM;NEWINFO")... there's also support in RR to allow setting labels from outside applications as well, so anybody that wants can build applications that show information directly in RR's skins (That's what FD does).. I believe there's already a code to pull out the heading from MM -- If not, the GPSXXXX tags from RR will work simply because RR reads the GPS info from MM already...
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