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    ok so im new to this i have IGuidence and im using RR. Everything works fine now. I hit GPS and it loads IG and i press the ok button and it works great, but im trying to figure out how to incororate IG in RR so its the RR menu not the hard to use, tiny button, IG menu. im basically lost on how to do it. i dont know what to download or anything i tried searching on here and found tons of different posts on it but i dont know whats good and whats not. Any help would be appreciated as to what i should download and how to install/configure it properly.

    P.S. My skin is Brushed Metal 2.0.

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    There's a program called iGmod and another called SkinBedder both made to help improve the looks and usage of IG.. which to use is your choice.. try them and see what fits you best.. there are also some skins that have "specific" iG GPS screens with shortcuts to some of its functions directly in RR's skin.
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      CFX skin is by far the best solution to iGuidance intergration.t has 2 GPS modes, including a full screen with all the TS friendly buttons your need on the left side. Check this skin out, it works wonders. Also there is a EXE patch file floating around here that will make the actual IG buttons and menus bigger. Im using that too
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