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    I think this is a change

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    Here is part of an xm e-mail I received today.

    On March 1, we added two new commercial-free music channels, Big Tracks - XM 49 devoted to Classic Rock from the late 70s onward, and XM Chill - XM 84 devoted to Chill music. Starting on Monday, April 17, XM will add 8 more commercial-free music channels. The new channels include:

    U.S. Country - XM 17 - Country Superstars of the 80s and 90s
    Flight 26 - XM 26 - Modern Hits 90s & Now
    XM Hitlist - XM 30 - Today's Hit Music
    enLighten - XM 34 - Southern Gospel
    XM Liquid Metal - XM 42 - Heavy Metal XL
    Big Tracks - XM 49 - Later Classic Rock
    The Heat - XM 68 - Rhythmic Hits
    Escape - XM 78 - Easy Listening
    XM Chill - XM 84 - Chill Music
    Viva - XM 91 - Latin Pop Hits

    Please note that on April 17, several existing XM channels will have new channel names as indicated below.

    XM Channel Old Channel Name New Channel Name
    XM 32-------------The Fish-------------The Message
    XM 52--------------Unsigned-------------The Verge
    XM 90--------------Alegria-----------------Fuego
    XM 165 -------------Ask----------------Talk Radio
    XM 172 -----------Franc Parler-----------SportPlus
    2001 S10 ZR2

    Chucks Skin - to old


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      Can we just add these into xmcache?
      You know you want to...Worklog
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