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  • volumn control for navigation prompt

    I'm using garmin Nroute and the standard gray metal skin. when using the navi and listening to mp3, the voice prompt is really lound and I can't seems make navi volume control in the optional app config setting e.g. 50% mute to work. Its really loud when the voice prompt come up, does the volume control works with Nroute at all? Or any other setting is available to lower the voice prompt?

    Thanks in advance for any help....

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    Yeah I'm using Garmin mobile PC. I would love to have the music volume lower for the voice and then re-enter, I haven't read anything here to make it possible yet.


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      Check out THIS little utility written by swift_gti. It watches for wave volume changes, and can then turn down the winamp volume, the line in volume (XM and Sirius) ect.
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