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  • Voice when button pressed

    I'm assuming that the word(s) that are spoken when you press a button is configurable.
    I'm assuming this because I created a new button (OBD) and a new skin (Digimoto) to execute Digimoto.exe, and it says "SPOKEN WORD" when I press the button.

    I've also figured out which parameter in the string below:
    B02,348,70,104,75,"LOAD;DIGIMOTO.SKIN;SPOKEN WORD;C:\Program Files\110 Enterprises Inc\Digimoto 4.02\digimoto.exe;Digimoto","Digimoto"

    is used for the spoken word (The one shown as "SPOKEN WORD")

    What I can't figure out is what is used in the following string:

    What is say's is "External GPS", but where does it get that from?
    If I want it to say something else what do I modify in the string?


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    GPS is translated internaly for compatibility reasons.. it basically becomes a LOAD command with "External GPS" as the spoken text..

    You can use the LOAD command instead of GPS to change it to what you want.. just remember to place the path & window title to your GPS application..
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      Guino, I did as you suggested and it works fine.

      Just a quick suggestion.
      It has always annoyed me that the words spoken when you press GPS is "External GPS" with "GPS" spoken as one word.
      It sounds much better if you seperate the letters "G P S".
      I couldnt find anything big to be 'picky" about.


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        That depends very much on which speech engine you have installed. If you are using the default Microsoft SAM, Mary or Mike then that is what you hear. It doesn't interpret GPS as "G P S" and trys to read it as a word.

        There are a few better and more human sounding commercial speech engine on the market. Cepstral, AT&T Natural Voices etc... Unless you have one of these, the only way is to have your own customize LOAD command with the text to be spoken "GPS" separated by spaces.