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Unicode - My findings and maybe a bug?

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  • Unicode - My findings and maybe a bug?

    Been trying to get RR to display the chinese song titles and after lots of testing, here are my findings. Hopefully it can help those who are trying to get it to work.

    To begin, I looked up the FAQ topic on Unicode and did what it says:

    But it didn't work even though the chinese characters are showing up correctly in Explorer and in my ID3 Tag editing software (Tag&Rename v3.2). Tag&Rename explicitly supports Unicode in case you are wondering.

    So I searched furthur in the forum and stumbled upon this post:

    Guino mentioned that VB6 does NOT support Unicode and that's why we needed to perform step 2 as mentioned in the above FAQ. Next I ran RRCONFIG and change the setting for Use ID3 Tags: to Don't Use ID3 Tags. Started RR and my songs titles (based on filenames since it's not using ID3 tags) managed to appear in Chinese characters. Next I tried the other 4 settings such as Prefer ID3v1 Tags, Mix V1 with V2 etc but none worked. However, I still want RR to work with ID3 tags.

    After more testing, I finally realised the problem lies in the Tag&Rename ID3 tag editing software. When it sees chinese characters, it writes Unicode data into ID3V2 tags and subsitute ? for each chinese character in ID3V1 tags since ID3V1 does not support Unicode. But remember, RR does NOT support Unicode? So even if Tag&Rename writes Unicode data in ID3V2 tag, its useless. Next I use another ID3 tag editing software which does NOT support Unicode and replace the ID3V1 & ID3V2 tags based on the filename it reads. Tried Prefer ID3v1 Tags settings once again and it finally worked!!
    For those who don't have such a software, you may use Explorer and edit it manually. Assuming your filename is displaying the characters correctly. Copy the filename into clipboard. Right click the file and choose properties. Next choose the Summary tab and you should be able to see and edit (using paste) the ID3 tags such as Artist and Title on this page.

    Finally, this is for Guino, I am not sure if this is a bug in RR. Even with the above method and ensuring both ID3V1 and ID3V2 contains the same exact data. RR cannot display the chinese characters correctly when I uses Prefer ID3v2 Tags or the Mix V2 with V1 settings. It works perfectly with the Prefer ID3v1 Tags and Mix V1 with V2 settings though.

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    Sorry for bumping and old thread but I have used the keyword "chinese" in the RR forums and still could not find anything.

    My system locale is set to chinese simp (Ive tried traditional too) and I am using the "Prefer ID3v1 Tags" setting, although I have tried all of the others as well.

    As shown in the screenshot, some of the song titles contain question marks where characters should be. They seem to be randomly placed and I am not sure how to get rid of them. Some songs have the entire name as question marks. All the characters in the song titles should be the exact type of encoding so I dont know why this is.

    All my music is organized in folders for the artist's name. The folders are labeled with the artist's name in exactly the same type of encoding as the individual song's filenames and ID3 tags, yet the folder names are displayed perfectly when browsing.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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