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Getting Winamp AVS to embed into BMV2

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  • Getting Winamp AVS to embed into BMV2

    I am having trouble getting Winamp AVS to embed into the BMV2 skin... I have already set the window name in rr.ini... currently all that turing vis on in BMV2 does is open vis in the top left hand coner of the screen, and resizing it to a very small box. It does no embedding at all, just basically resizing. Someone please help me with this.

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    I finally out how to change the settings in the skin.. I have gotten the avs window to resize to the perfect size, but it seems that the avs window placement settings have no effect at all. I can change them to whatever value I want and the avs window will popup in the same position that it was before I exited RR... the only thing that effects the avs window's location is if I take the cursor and actually move the avs window and then close.. this saves the position. I need help getting the avs window to move to the values that I specifiy..

    I also cannot get the minimize winamp setting in RR to take effect. I have to minimize winamp myself so winamp saves it's own setting and doesn't pop up the next time I start RR...


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      The AVS should embed into the position specified by the Axx,xxx,xxx... definition in the .skin file.. if it's not doing that, then you need to make sure you have AVS selected in RRConfig ...

      To prevent Winamp from showing up, select "Hide Winamp" in RRConfig, make sure it's using a classic Skin, and close the Playlist and EQ.. it should never show up again.
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        My problem was the modern skin... it was screwing everything up... now the vis embeds perfectly and winamp minimizes all the time. Thanks a lot!


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          hmmm bummer.... now i do have got this problem...

          running latest RR
          running winamp 5.21 & 5.24
          running Aeroday skin by "tja"
          running same AVS plugins as tja posted in one of his threads
          running AVS plugin in Winamp
          running AVS window in RR.ini (have also tried !Winamp Gen!AVS)

          still the positions is all messed up for the visu.

          when i run milkdrop everything works like a charm and smoothly in both the 2 diffrent windowed modes in the "aeroday" skin.

          been messing around all day now trying to figure out this one.
          also im running a laptop dell c600 P3 850mhz 512Mb ram.


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            Are you using a classic WINAMP SKIN ? If you're going to use AVS, I would >>SUGGEST<< using 2.95 for performance reasons.
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            "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
            "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."


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              i tried 2.95 but it crashes with that version since there where an update of the AVS enginge in the later winamp versions.

              and yes im using the classic skin as it says everywhere.

              so im out of ideas, i also followed your advice in another thread to open up winamp and config the AVS and close and then open RR more then 2 times


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                now ive been searching for another AVS preset that was like this spectrum analyser that "tja" used.

                when i use winamp 2.95 other avs preset work but this one dosent and they have the right position in RR now!!!!

                so finaly this morning i decided to test to upgrade to winamp 5.13 downloaded from oldversions site, (they keep old versions of programs)

                ind then tried the AVS preset that i wanted from the begining , AND IT WORKS!!!

                dont ask me why but the seems to be "some" compatibility problem in winamp versions or something.

                thx guino for your help!! and maker of the best carpcprogram ever made!!!
                keep up the good work!!!


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                  I know this thread is old.. but i have problems now with AVS not embedding into RR..

                  Everything was fine 2 days ago, running winamp 2.95 and RR march - version.. Now updated RR to 7-1-2010 and the AVS is not embedding, it just keeps showing in a separate window on top what could be the trouble? i already try to configure it RR Config, and after that i checked rr.ini and appears visuname=!Winamp Gen!AVS.. i'm not trying to make it transparent, just to embedd into a Axx,xx,xx area..

                  Thanks for the help!


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                    check skin.ini for a visuname override

                    and some people report visu issues with 2.95

                    i use 5.581 and visu (AVS, looking fine in Carwings)

                    one thing to note, i set avs settings in skin.ini
                    just incase someone doesnt or configures it wrong in rr.ini
                    since for carwings, i need avs transparent...
                    i just use some nice spectrum looking presets

                    i felt purpley today
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