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  • Playlist problems

    Maybe that some on ecan help me with the next problem.

    When I select a folder then I get a list of all the titles in this folder.
    The problem is that I get them all twice.

    First one is: artis and title
    Second one: only title

    When I select "title+artis" then player starts. If I select "title" only then nothing happends.

    My folders are named the next way: Folder=Artis+ album name, inside only title name.

    I configured RR next way: PLAYLIST: title + artis , BROWSE: title+ artist

    USED ID3TAG: I alreadt used , ID3 tag V1 and V2. Both give the same result.

    What do I have to do to see the titles only ones (working of course )

    I tried diffrent Skins but they all give the same result
    Gods right foot!!

    Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6

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    do you by any chance have any .M3U files in those folders ? that's all I can think of cause RR should not load the songs from the folder twice... plus your folder structure is the same as mine.
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