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Possible new feautre in IBusComm

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  • Possible new feautre in IBusComm

    Using the steering wheel Vol+-, Track+- ,RT and Phone buttons I am able to control the volume, next/prev track and mute audio in RR using the IBUScomm and all is working sweet.

    However, I would like to be able to do more with these steering buttons depending on the screen I am at. For example it would be nice to use the Track+- buttons to switch to the next or previous AVS while you are playing an MP3 and the switch the behavior, on fly, to control the tracks as usual. Or to easily navigate through screen options it would be nice to map these buttons on fly to up and down keyboard arrow keys and let's say use the phone button as the ENTER key.

    I was thinking of modifying the IBusComm to support a Mode feature, so let's say the RT btn acts as the Mode button. As default the mode is set to Audio, and the remaining buttons control the vol and tracks. Now if I press RT, the mode would change to AVS control and the tracks button switch to next/prev AVS screens and if I press RT again, the controls will act simply as the keyboard's up/down right/left and enter keys. Or use a 4th mode to make the next/prev track to act as Fast FWD/RWD....kind of like the behavior of the Mode button in the good old OEM HU . You got the idea....

    To see which mode we are on we could display the new mode on big fonts overlaid (and may use alpha blend) on the screen for 1 or 2 seconds. and then, just like the old HU, after a few seconds of inactivity, switch the mode to the default mode, the audio control mode.

    Before I start coding, can this be done with the current RR and IBuscomm? I am sort of still learning RR. If so, any ideas as how to do this without code change is appreciated.

    If not I still like to know if you find this feature useful.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can probably do that with variables..

    have the ibus execute commands like (directly or by exectbl):


    Then just use the mode buton or any other button to execute:

    "SETVAR;IBUSMODE;0" or "SETVAR;IBUSMODE;1" ... or use another BYVAR to set the mode alternately:

    "BYVAR;IBUSMODE;MODE0<<MODE1" then define the MODE0-1 commands with the setvar commands above in exectbl.

    This message is really a hyper-crash-course on variables, but if you don't understand it, read skin commands.txt on the variables support and then re-read the message you'll understand it better. Point is, I don't see why you could't do that -- specially, if you use exectbl, you can actually define different modes and whatnot according to the current screen.
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      Guino, thanks for the reply, I read the skin commands and I see how it should work. I will try it when I get a chance and will let you know.
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        Has there been any progress on this? I see that this posting is very old. Did anybody have any success with this?


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              I have not tried it yet, been busy and when not busy been lazy.
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