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  • External Apps Missing In action

    Well ive seen this happen on a few different releases of RR, the January edition was working good for me but I upgraded to the newest release and now the external application list is gone. Menu launches fine but there is nothing there. I have the 'LAUNCH' folder within my Roadrunner directory with the standard app folders - notepad, explorer, calc, etc but none show up in while running rr in the application menu. Even weirder is that after i restored the backed up Jan version (working perfect before) the external applications were missing from the menu also?! I don't know whats going on here but does anyone know how to get RR to display the external app list, ive searched around but I have not found anything concrete about this behavior.

    I also noticed some other bugs in the 5-2-06 release:

    When moving your fingers on buttons I get a red circle/snake like trail off my finger.

    When using one any button for more than like 5 or 6 seconds, (most common is the music scroll button) RR will automatially just skip to the next song. Its really strange and have not seen this in any other version. Also if you read this guino, I was running the fastswitch menu options on value 1. Don't know if this is causing that or not.

    Anyway I really need my external app list back, any ideas or solutions here that im missing?
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    When you upgade just overwrite rr.exe and rrconfig.exe
    You have proberbly overwritten RR.ini.

    You have to go into RR.ini and check launchpath=
    It should be lauchpath=C:\Program Files\Road Runner\Lauch

    For the red Ball add this in RR.ini


    For the Buttons use "PREVTRACK" and "NEXTTRACK"


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      Single-handedly the best 1st resopnse Ive ever gotten out of a thread. Thank you for sharing in your smarts! All is fixed now.

      Going to go do some more research in gestures.
      Build Things, it keeps your brain busy.

      AutoPC v1 (Retired) - AutoPC v2 (in progress) -