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  • Horm support?

    Okey, I know this has been up before and I have tried searching but I didn't find what I was looking for, at least not a solution.

    EWF and HORM is working.

    Is there a way to write to resume.ini like every 5sec or so? Because it's only written when I exit, watch video or anything like that. But I just cut the power to my carputer when I want it off. And therefore RR dosen't update resume.ini.

    Is there a way around this?

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    well, sorry, but that doesn't sound smart.. I mean, you want to write a file to disk every 5 sec so that you can cut the power whenever you want ? I mean, have you even considered the LIKELY chance that you'll cut the power at the same time the computer is WRITING to disk ? I'm assuming you have no idea of what all implications that could bring to both software and hardware.
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      So what's beeing written when EWF is on and Music, video and RR is the only thing I have on the other drive? Except the resume.ini file? It NO way the harddrive could be damaged by this.


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        Or if resume.ini was written when song was changed? THen nothing would be written when I switch the power off..


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          I think a better sollution would be to write the file everytime the song changes... that would pretty much keep everythingas up to date as needed and less likely to cause problems... There still needs some code added where the user can specifiy the path where playlist and resume.ini info can be written...