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RR keeps on freezing!

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  • RR keeps on freezing!

    sometimes if i load the music 1st it would stop responding!

    all the buttons stop working! and it takes a lot of CPU

    its the newest version from april 2006

    i am using the base skin

    any ideas?

    93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
    2005 STI :)

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    just a couple of things.. have you tried using a different version of winamp.. have you tried using a different skin.. Did t ever work fine on the system your running it on.. have you just upgraded your memory or anything like that ?

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      its a new system

      i am using the 2.95 winamp
      not changed the memory
      it did work fine at the start or i didn't notice it till i started testing...

      i will try another skin

      93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
      2005 STI :)


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        any ideas?

        it freezing on my other system too! both epia
        1st one is 5000
        the other is the 1300

        same software on both!
        93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
        2005 STI :)


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          Did you install flash?
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            Are you loading a super-large playlist? Mine sometimes freezes up for a few seconds if I'm loading several hundred tracks...

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              the only think i know of that will freeze RR 100% of the time is if you are trying to load an .exe file that is not present.
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                I'm having this same problem ... any solutions yet? I've updated flash as explained in this FAQ but still no luck.


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                  Is the CPU load high ? can you produce a debug file ?
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                    Originally posted by guino
                    Is the CPU load high ? can you produce a debug file ?
                    Yeah the cpu goes up to about 92%. I decided its been far too long since I've done a fresh windows install so I'm in the process of doing that and setting everything up again. If I still have the problem after that I'll let you know. Thanks guino ... you're the COOLEST!