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RR problem?? with new update

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  • RR problem?? with new update


    I've been using RR for months and months now. For some reason, its giving me a headache now!!

    everytime i change a track to a next song, my volume goes down to like 5% or sometimes 0%. It does this EVERYTIME


    i set the settings where i just want it to show the FILENAME without using the ID3 and stuff from winamp. But when i set it and open up RR, it just shows the Title of the song, not the artist and title.

    Before this update, my computer was working great. Now, i just dont know what's going on

  • #2 setup is as follows:

    1. After Reformatting my CarPuter and installing all neccessary Drivers, I install RR
    2. Updated RR to 5.2.06 version
    3. set ConFig in RR - sound control by WAVE (for some reason, i see 2 wave in the drop down list. I chose the first one)
    4. Set 5.1 sound in my sound settings.
    5. Open RR and play a song. volume starts off at like 20%
    6. Press Next song, volume jumps up to 30%, which is annoying
    7. I changed volume back to 10 %, press next song and volume jumps back to 30%

    ????? I DONT GET IT

    AND with the ID3 tag, i cant get RR to display the Name of the Files instead of reading the Mp3 TAG.

    omg, should i reformat my computer and start all over again? i really dont want to because of the updates windows have. It takes FOREVER!

    anyone else experiencing this?


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      You probably saved a default preset in winamp (which is being loaded everytime you switch songs without a saved preset).

      Please open winamp alone and see if the problem occurs. There's nothing in RR that would possibly change the volume between songs, not unless you added a command to do such thing. Either that or you have some funky plugin/settings.

      Easiest thing is to uninstall/remove winamp completely, then make sure its folder is not there anymore then re-install it.
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