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I have searched and searched and searched again.

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  • I have searched and searched and searched again.

    I need to intergrate IGuidance into RR. I have both progs working properly on there own but I cannot get IG to work with the GPS button in RR. Any help would be appreciated. And plz dont tell me to search bc I have and I cannot solve the issue

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    You kidding right?


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      I read that...but it doesnt give specific instructions to iGuidance and I tried that and it didnt work


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        Set it up like this in RR config
        Click image for larger version

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          The problem you have is probably because of the Warning screen.

          Read this thread to find out how to get rid of it.

          The Setting for RoadRunner is the screen shot posted by fixerofallthing above.

          To pass parameter in roadrunner you need a pipe "|" or whatever it called.
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            Ok I have gotten rid of the warning screen, I have set my RRConfig file to excatly what is in the SS and all it does when I hit GPS is say GPS. No window no crash no sign of anything going right or wrong just plain old nothing. Anything?


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              Try in BMV2 skin with all updates. Can't hurt.
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                Wow I cant believe that worked. I was useing the Mazda Lite skin which imo is the nicest looking skin out there. So on one note im stoked that it finally all works, but on the other I'm not useing my favorite skin. Although BMV is my next favorite, the only difference for me is the centre part of the skin. I think ima try and play with it and see if I can change it a little. Oh well...THANK you for all the help guys I really do appreciate it.