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  • Questions on RR??

    Ok, I've been around here a while and just built my fourth Truckputer and I am trying to learn RR. I used Media Car a whole lot back in the day but this RR is kickin my butt. So I have a couple questions to ask that I couldn't find answers to.

    Here is my configuration:

    I am running RR with the default brushed metal theme. I have the latest binaries from May 2nd 2006.

    1. In the top right corner there is a Car: and a Out:. Now I think this has something to do with a temperature or Voltage thing. I installed MBM 5 and I have the file off of Guinos website. I can see two temps (CPU & Outside temp) but they dont show up next to the Car: and Out:. They show up down and to the right in white lettering but it still says N/A next to both of the CAR: and OUT:. Am I right and guessing that is what this is for? And how do i configure it correctly?

    2. In the Video player I cant hear and audio. The video plays fine but no audio. I am playing mp4s in the default video player. How do I get it to play audio?

    3. I removed the flash logo on the main page with a GIF but for one it is all distored and for two how do I remove it from the music player where the album art is? It spins so damn fast anyways it hard to tell that it is a Chevy Bow Tie.

    4. For Media Car there was an awesome Dodge Ram symbol. I haven't been able to find one for the brushed metal skin for RR. I'm not any good at skinning other wise I would do one. Also is there anybody out there who does some skin tweaking? I would like to learn or I would like to have one done with the brushed metal with some buttons taken out ie, the phone control, radio, and tv. And replace the Radio with an Emulator button. I would pay to have this done.

    5. Is RR playlist driven? I like browsing in my C:\Music folder for different albums. I see that I can do this but sometimes the add button doesn't work all the time for me. And if RR is playlist driven can you just build a winamp playlist?

    6. I am using PowerDVD for an external DVD player. I am having problems with the PowerDVD controler trying to stay on top of the video all the time. What is a better DVD player to use? I saw that someone else was laso having the same problem as I was.

    7. What does the scan button do in the Music player? All it does is flash when i push it.

    8. I have Mappoint 2004 installed for GPS. At the top how do i change the KM/H to MP/H?

    9. Is there a way to test a XM or Sirrus setup with out having service? I am currently in Iraq and i have all the hardware for both but i haven't hooked it up because i am under the assumption that i wont be able to test it.

    I know i have a bunch of questions and i sound like a noob but i appreciate all the help. Thanks
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    1-You have to edit the .skin files and change the label code to display the MBM sensor you wish to show. I suggest you some good reading of skin commands.txt and the skinning tutorials in the skins thread. There's no such thing as a "default" skin, all skins are different, I only recommend the Brushed metal skin for being one of the most complete ones, but it is not "part" of RR in any way.

    2-You probably don't have the propper directshow filter to play the audio of your video files. Try switching on/off the built-in video option or just install the right filters (whatever they are for your files).

    3-There's a FAQ on changing the logo, and another one if the Flash logo spins too fast. As the FAQ says: You just have to adjust the numbers in the .skin file to make it look better.

    4-If you like an old mediacar skin, you can simply load it in RR without any changes whatsoever.

    5-Again, different skins have different functions. If you use the original mediacar skin you liked, it should work just like Mediacar. As the install FAQ says: it should work as long as you didn't install winamp LITE or some unsupported version.

    6-If you're using PowerDVD, there's a better interfacing for it in RR, you just have to change the button command in the .skin file to load the and the controls will be available through RR's skin. You'd have to copy and the exdvd*.jpg files onto the skin you're using, then use the LOAD command on the DVD button, the syntax is in skin commands.txt

    7-It skips to the next song every so many seconds -- it only works if you have more than one song in the playlist and obviously, if you're playing something.

    8-Uncheck the option in RRConfig that tells the GPS to use the standard units (m, km etc).

    9-Without the hardware plugged in, RR will show the audio playlist instead of the satellite stations. If you have the hardware hooked up (even where there's no service) you should be able to list the stations and manage favorites etc -- that's all.

    PS: most of your questions could be found by searching. As posted in the FAQs, RR is not easy to setup, but that's the price for customization.
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      1. You need external sensors to read temperatures in and out of the car.

      2. It's probably a problem with media player classic. Make sure you have the apropriate codec install for the type of audio in your mp4 videos.

      3. download the latest flash plugin by opening internet explorer and going to


      5. it is playlist driven. it creates playlists in the default directory. you can load winamp playlists as far as I know.


      7. it's supposed to scan your audio tracks. it probably doesnt work right in that skin, or you might want to check your scan setting in rrconfig.

      8. Look in rrconfig for "internation units" under the GPS section.

      9. you can't get xm in iraq so u can truly test it.
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        Sorry.... the boss beat me to it I guess
        Current Setup

        Nexus 7 Tablet
        Built in head unit
        Brutus 1500Watt Amp
        Two Boston 12" subs

        2006 Infiniti M45 Sport ;) My 4 door Camaro... lol