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WinTV Radio won't stop playing...

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  • WinTV Radio won't stop playing...

    OK, this isn't RR specific, because it does this running Radio standalone, but I havn't been able to find an answer anywhere else so here goes.

    After doing lots of research on this site, I bought a WinTV-Go-FM card for my mini-ITX PC running XP. The install worked great, and I was able to get FM using the Radio app that came with the card. The problem is that when I exit the Radio app, the radio keeps playing! I look in the task manager, and I don't see radio.exe anywhere.

    This causes real problems when I try to go from radio to MP3s in RR. I simply get double source sound. (MP3 and FM at the same time).

    I also can't get the presets to show up at all in RR (Using BMV2 skin), but there are there in the Radio app.

    Any ideas?

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    Is it possible to use another output for radio?

    If yes, you can put a mute:<output> on the button to get out of the radio function like this: "MUTE;AUX||EXIT"

    Can't test it, have no radio, yet.

    EDIT: You will need a "RADIO||MUTE;AUX" to unmute again

    Or am I completely wrong? I never used that function, but I remember having seen something like that somewhere. . .
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      You can use the mute command as BioHazzard suggested (more complex), or Simply use the Mute/Unmute option in RRConfig for the radio. It's weird that your WinTV card is not muting, mine does mute, so you may want to try updated drivers, check settings etc.

      Presets from the wintv application are NOT imported into RR, you should use RR's search/preset functions instead.
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