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Playing with the Source.. help a noob

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  • Playing with the Source.. help a noob

    Hey guys,

    I want to learn a little about coding and thought it'd be a good idea to have a look at the source for RR.. however.. I can't seem to open it!

    I installed Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition and it asks me to upgrade the VB6 files.. half way through it throw up this..

    Any ideas why this is?

    I'm not looking to be the next Guino but would love to just have a look at how this stuff works

    Bring on the flaming and the laughter...


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    no idea on your problem but RR isnt writen in .net so 2005 isnt going to work for you, its in VB6 which is a different enviroment all together.
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      Bugger - I guess that'll be my problem then..