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  • Request: Winamp volume

    On my M12K using SPDIF, I'm limited with my volume control. What works best is to map master to wave, and then use winamp volume to control sound. Adjust the winamp volume adjusts wave and master up and down with it.

    If I just use "VOL+" and "VOL-", adjusting the master volume (mapped to wave) it still works, but what seems to happen is that every time RR starts up, or I go to a new song (select, next, prev) manually, winamp changes the wave (and master) volumes back to its setting.

    RR starts up: MASTER=10%, WINAMP=10%
    Hit VOL+;Winamp: MASTER=15%, WINAMP=15%
    Hit "NEXT": MASTER=15%,WINAMP=15% (All good)
    Hit "VOL-": MASTER=10%,WINAMP=15%
    Hit "NEXT": MASTER=15%, WINAMP=15%

    I can live with that just fine - just means I need to fiddle my skins so that all but the video player volume uses "VOL+;Winamp" instead of just "VOL+". The problem I have though is that "VOL+Winamp" always increments in steps of 5, unlike the MASTER volume which increments in steps of 1 when volume is 10 or less. Level 5 is too high when I'm trying to talk to soemone with music in the background, and I can't turn my amp gain down any more, otherwise 100% is too soft for when I'm driving alone.

    If I set winamp to 5, then use VOL- to knock it down to 1 (which is just the right volume to background music) then freedrive speaks a direction, it knocks the volume back to 5 again. And even if I turn off voice directions in D3, freedrive still alters the volume!

    So with all that background, is it possible to get finer control over the winamp line without sending the adjustments out to a flash control to use SETVOL?

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    winamp should not be changing volumes on you EVER, unless you've made a "default" EQ preset and you have it autoloading that preset for each song played.

    In any case, I did not intend vol+ to have such drastic adjustments on winamp volume, I'll try to fix it to control it propperly -- at least just like the master volume (0-10 steps of 1% and 10-100 steps of 5%)
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      Definately does do that, on both my desktop and carPC. I've never set up any EQ settings at all with winamp, and I've had a look through the config options to try and find anything, but no dice.

      It doesn't really bother me that much really, would be great if you can fix that though.

      (Edit: Winamp adjusting wave doesn't bother me that much. The lack of smaller steps with winamp volume does )