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Mappoint '06 and BMV2

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  • Mappoint '06 and BMV2

    I’ve been searching and reading for many hours the past three day on this issue; so if it’s already been asked and answered I apologize, I must be using the wrong search criteria: “mappoint”.

    I am currently running Mappoint ’06 on RR build 6.3.06 with skin BMV2 (Brushed Metal V 2.0). Everything seems to be working perfectly. My question is how do I get Mappoint to automatically recalculate the route when I’m off route? And if it is not currently possible to have it auto recalc, is there button or something in BMV2 I can press to manually start the recalculation of the route?

    The only thing I can find is the “Calculate” button under the “Route” menu. However this requires entering the starting address or GPS position and an ending address. I do not want to have to enter a starting address or GPS position, I want it to recalc the route from my current position with the press of one button while driving.

    P.S. Great job on RR and BMV2 Guino, very amazing stuff and talent!
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    The calculate is "planned" to recalculate the route.. I don't know if I got to make that function work yet. I can tell you that auto-recalc wont work well because of the way mappoint simply "assumess" you're off road when you use calculate route over a highway or major road.
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