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Extension plugin problems

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  • Extension plugin problems

    I'm trying to get extension plugins working with RR but obviously I'm doing something wrong. I can't even get it to work using the example dll.

    In my I've added the following lines:

    L,271,339,231,34,202,202,202,14,"Verdana","MYLABEL ",""

    which should load the plugin dll, give me the label defined in MyExtension, and a button that opens a msgbox if I understand correctly. I've also tried recompiling the example module with a msgbox in Class_Initialize() to try and determine if it's loading.

    My RR debug log shows:
    23/06/2006 7:41:31 AM: Leave Exec: False,, , False
    23/06/2006 7:41:33 AM: Enter Exec: False,, "MYCOMMAND", False
    23/06/2006 7:41:33 AM: Que Exec: True,, "MYCOMMAND", False
    23/06/2006 7:41:33 AM: Executing: MYCOMMAND

    but no label of msgbox

    so some questions -
    1) am I doing this right? I'm fairly new to RR but have read the extension plugin FAQ and this seems to be the way it's meant to be done?
    2) where should the plugin DLL be? in the skin dir I assume?
    3) Should the debug log show plugin information?

    I'm probably doing something dumb, but I can't work it out...

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    Your skin definitions seem fine.

    This is a common concept of COM objects. The DLL doesn't have to be anywhere specific, but should be registered from the location you intend to use it. Recompiling the DLL normally registers it, but if you move it afterwards, then it may not work. You can simply do:

    regsvr32 MyExtension.dll

    from wherever the DLL is, and it should work.

    The debug info from RR will show it executing the commands your plugin implements, but you'd have to add debug code to the plugin to know what it's doing inside the DLL.
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      Thanks - I knew it would be something simple I'd overlooked